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Arbolis Qoncept project elements..:


{Copyright CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 by (www.) 2022 - some rights reserved.} is administering a series of global projects which will be merged into a foundation (or the like; some form that by law cannot be changed or sold further later; but remain in the hands of the people) later, and will become the sole owner of the Arbolis services once intellectual property etc. has been transferred.

The focus is to provide knowledge, information, automation, security and services to facilitate decentralized platform(s) that in particular will serve to secure the progress, function and verifiability of next generation decentralized democracy.

What is needed to face the situation the world will find itself in when the automation economy replaces the capitalist model, and everyone will operate on "UBI" instead of salaries, pensions or unemployment benefits. ("UNconditional Basic Income" must be accompanied by an unprecedented level of social interaction, new public discourse tools/methods, and multi-layered open automation systems for dealing with information (overload).

All this must be open, free and collaboratively managed as open-source software and open hardware, and owned/controlled by the people via a 100% transparent organisation/platform.

This is what aims to establish via all these elements that are independent of each other yet function most effectively when playing their part "in concert". - IT company

Services: - IT consulting services as sub-sections (subdomains), planning to use the core domain (non-www as a URL shortener service for all content from the Arbolis projects). (".it" in our context is "information technology", not related to "italy".) - 12 competencies (premium support community) - personal IT security (the 4th area of the 12 MOMOC competencies) - information overload mitigation & the Zot protocol - decentralized, self-hostable social media with built-in nomadic identity via the Zot protocol; also communicating to/with Mastodon, Peertube, and the rest of the Fediverse via the Activitypub protocol. (Identitywise, reputationwise, and to contribute to information overload mitigation, we believe it to be strategically smart to use Hubzilla for/with your identity/-ies, as your main social media platform, connecting from there onto the rest of social media, incl. the big, bad centralized and proprietary systems, as long as you secure your control and intellectual property of your posts by posting onto your own Hubzilla first, hence automatically assigning your own licence before any other service can touch your content.)


[This web site is under construction.]
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DeltaChat: Email as secure/encrypted chat..:

DeltaChat is a free, open-source multi-platform & multi-account app(lication) that presents email as chat and automatically encrypts chat messages between DeltaChat users. Being based on 100% standard IMAP email, it also communicates with any email address, regardless of whether that person is using DeltaChat or not (but then those messages will be standard, open, unencrypted emails)...

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